Conference Program IYCF 2010
Please download here the IYCF 2011 Conference Program

Program Overview
19-22 October 2011
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

Theme 1
"Our Global Village"

Panel: Global Relevance, Local Resonance
Is globalisation making our world a better place? How can we best harness these trends towards positive outcomes?
Theme 2
"The New Face of Media: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

Panel: The People's Voice
Will new media change the basis of social relations? Will it bring about new forms of government? And as we navigate through this new age what perils do we face?
Digital Activism 101 | Citizen Journalism | Twitter Power | Building a Movement

Theme 3
"Embracing the Other"

Panel: Which Extremism?
Do extremists of all backgrounds share commonalities? Can society help those who choose this path?

Theme 4
"Responsible Societies"

Panel: The Arab Spring
Has the "Arab Spring" re-branded Muslim youth? Can democracy really take root in the Middle East?

Theme 5
"Resistance through Cultural Expression"

Street Art | Music | Filmography | Political Theatre